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Booking a firework display for your wedding is not something you do everyday, so please find below a list to help you book the best firework display for your special day.

Your Venue
When booking a firework display always check first with your venue that they allow fireworks. Every venue is different and all will have their own guidelines for wedding firework displays. Some venues allow fireworks, others unfortunately don't. At some venues they only allow low noise firework displays due to neighbours or livestock close by. A few venues only allow a certain amount of displays per year on a first come first served basis. Please also note that by British law all firework displays must be finished by 11:00pm except on 5th November, Diwali, Chinese New Year and New Years Eve.

Your Wedding Display
If your venue does allow fireworks, the next step is to decide the type of display you would like at your wedding. Do you want a musical display or maybe your venue only allows low noise fireworks? At Flashpoint Fireworks we offer every type of wedding firework display there is. We are the preferred supplier at many venues across the South East and Surrey. All of our display crew members are fully trained, either by our in-house display managers or through the British Pyrotechnists Association examinations. Our display teams undergo regular in-house training to keep them up to date with all the latest information on safety and best practice available through the Explosives Industry Group. Customer satisfaction is paramount at Flashpoint Fireworks, so we also make sure that our company representatives are courteous and understand our customers needs at all times.
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Your Budget
Your wedding fireworks budget will be crucial to the type, impact and length of firework display you are looking for. As a minimum, we would advise a budget of at least £265 per minute for a standard display. If you are looking for a display fired from multiple positions, for extra impact, then we would suggest a budget in the region £350-£600 per minute. At every show our Flashpoint team create amazing displays, whether we are providing a £25,000 or £795 wedding display.

It is essential that we listen to our clients requirements and then act to provide the best possible solution. Whilst doing this we are always conscious to work within any set budgets and include any specific needs our clients may have. So don't be fooled by companies that offer an 8 minute display for under £395, as you may be disappointed. Flashpoint can assure you that we will provide you with an experienced crew, the correct insurance and an unforgettable display all included in our prices.

Firework Videos
We would suggest that you ask any company that you are looking to use to show you videos of displays they have fired and how much each display costs. Once you have watched the videos, you can decide the type of fireworks you like. All our videos are full HD quality so you can really see exactly the type of display we can offer. This means it is far easier to imagine what your wedding display will be like if provided by Flashpoint Fireworks. Please be aware that some companies have no or bad quality videos and some use library footage of displays filmed from around the world. All our videos only show displays fired by us, Flashpoint Fireworks Ltd.

Booking Your Display With Us
Once you have seen the type of displays we offer and have read our testimonials, please choose the display you would like us to provide. We will then supply you with a booking form that will require completion and a 40% deposit to secure your booking. On this booking form you are able to advise us of any special requirements. We will discuss and agree with you any specific requests. Or you can leave it to us, we know exactly the type of fireworks to use to make your wedding day display truly magical. We will then liaise directly with the venue providing them with a written risk assessment and a copy of our comprehensive £10 million liability insurance. We will, if required, contact the emergency services prior to the event and if near an airport we will also liaise with the CAA. This will leave you knowing your display is in safe hands with one less detail for you to deal with on your wedding day. All you will need to do, is to look forward to your very own magical and unique Flashpoint Fireworks display.


Wedding Fireworks UK is part of Flashpoint Fireworks Ltd - a professional fireworks company providing wedding, corporate, public, November, birthday, low noise and musical firework displays across the whole of the UK. We use many of the finest pyrotechnic materials available including European material as well as the best pyrotechnic material from China, whilst not compromising our record for offering value for money displays.

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WEDDING FIREWORKS UK is part of Flashpoint Fireworks Ltd

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