Standard wedding firework display prices

Every wedding firework display our Flashpoint team designs, whether a large public display or a standard wedding display, it is essential that we listen to our clients requirements and then act to provide the best possible solution - whilst doing this we are always conscious to work within any set budgets and include any specific need our clients may have.

Flashpoint spend hours finding the best effects and firework materials to utilise in our displays. We always consider any special requests that clients may have. This may sound simple and obvious, but it’s a something some of our competitors tend to forget. Our understanding of the products we use and most of all our clients needs, transforms our thinking and enable us to create stunning visual effects that genuinely will take your breath away. If you are looking for a musical display you can find out more information about these displays here.

Below are examples of our standard display prices, all prices seen are inclusive of VAT at the standard rate. See video examples below.
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3-5 min | One site | £695

6-7 min | One site | £925

8-11 min | Two sites | £1195

12-15 min | Two sites | £1725

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3-5 min | Two sites | £895

6-7 min | Two sites | £1125

8-11 min | Three sites | £1695

12-15 min | Three sites | £2325

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3-5 min | Three sites | £1095

6-7 min | Three sites | £1495

8-11 min | Five sites | £2355

12-15 min | Five sites | £3125

We would suggest a minimum budget of £140 per minute for a single position five minute display and £300 per minute for a display fired from three firing positions. If you are looking for a something that is a bit more extravagant, then a budget of £450-£1995 per minute would be advisable.

Please note that we have a minimum total budget for standard displays of £695 for a five minute display. On average most couples spend in the region of £950-£1600 on their standard wedding firework display. No matter what your budget is, please give us a call on 01483 417475 and we can talk through all your options so your wedding firework display can be planned to perfection.
The video above shows a £695 Shining Star wedding display fired at The Officers Mess, Middle Wallop, Hampshire. Fired from a single position
The video above shows a £1095 Royal Romance wedding display fired at Riverside Weddings, Standlake, Oxfordshire. Fired from three positions.

Our comprehensive service

Listed below is everything we include in ALL our wedding display packages. If you have any special requirements, please let us know and we will endeavour to include them in your display.

Before the display

• Venue site survey and produce risk assessment
• Discussion about your needs and expectations
• Display design, incorporating any of your wishes
• Emergency services notification of the display

On the day

• Professional display team to set up the fireworks
• The lead firer will liaise with you and your venue
• Check that all safety procedures are in place
• Fire your display at the correct time
• Clear the site of all fireworks and rake the display site

After your wedding

• Email you to make sure you were happy with our service
• Ask you to fill in a customer satisfaction form
• Supply you with a video of the display, if it has been recorded
If required we also liaise directly with all the emergency services including the police, fire service, coast guard and Civil Aviation Authority.

All our display prices include South East England travel within a 35 mile radius of Guildford, Surrey. Any additional travel expenses will be agreed before any booking form is completed - there will be no hidden extras.
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